The Lobe Strobe

Highlighting is life #earhighlight ? When the talented @freshtasahak gets to play with your face ? Amazing festival makeup glam ? STAY TUNED to see the video on how we created this festive look @klaracosmetics ?

It’s no secret that the beauty world is obsessed with anything and everything highlighter. Until now, that shimmery goodness was thought to be exclusive to your brow bone, nose bridge and of course, your cheekbones. But makeup artists all over IG are shattering the boundaries and spreading the love to their ears. We know it sounds bizarre and even a bit extra, but we’re definitely about the “lobe strobe.”

Coined by Refinery29, the “lobe strobe” involves highlighting your outer and inner ear, tragus and/or lobe to achieve the same illuminating and lifting effect as your cheekbones. Once you see the difference, you simply can’t unsee it.

Looking for the optimal side profile selfie? We think we found the answer. The lobe strobe is a quick and easy way to take your highlighter game to the next level as an extension of the traditional technique.

Applying makeup on your ears is nothing new, though. Professional makeup artists have been applying glitter, paint and everything in between on ears for years. But this highlighting technique is definitely more natural and can be worn as an everyday look.

Although the trend didn’t blow up until now, Bretman Rock, Instagram famous beauty guru and influencer, has been boasting the trend since early 2016. We’re so sorry ears for leaving you out all this time.

So cheers to you fierce and fabulous makeup artists out there putting this trend into practice – we’re forever indebted to you.

The reason why I Highlight my ears ? .. ✨ you can’t catch these hands but you can catch this highlight ha bow dahh

Female Buzzcut for The Win

Formally a symbol of rebellion and angst, the buzz cut is back and better than ever…but they’re not just for the boys. Enter the female buzz cut: a cut fit for the most daring, unique and badass babes. Salon Pros, take note.

Popping up all over Hollywood, more celebs than ever before are picking up the buzzer for movie roles. But the cut is not just for the job – these rebel trendsetters are keeping the style because they damn well can. If you ask us, it makes sense: the cut is low-maintenance, flattering and keeps you feeling and, more importantly, we think it’s hot.

Amongst the slew of edgy buzzcuts we’ve seen lately, Kristen Stewart and Cara Delevingne are just two on a long list of buzzes we’re lovin’ on. And with that, pop culture has welcomed back this length (or lack of) with surprising enthusiasm.

Although lopping off your locks does require a dose of courage, those willing to face the scissors will reap the rewards. Today, a shaved head is a sure sign of confidence, determination and a flatout renegade. While some still believe that a women is meant to have long, flowing locks to contribute to her femininity, we’re sure you can look just as radiant and feminine with a buzz cut like these.

Salon Pro Survival Kit

Every Salon Pro’s bag should act as an all-preparedness kit – with little time in between clients, you Salon Pro’s have just moments to freshen up and collect yourselves. All things considered, we find these items to be must-haves for our salon warriors in black.


After standing on your feet for hours on end tending to clients tresses, you’re bound to get hungry. But with limited time, having a quick, easy and mess-free snack on hand is of vital importance. We suggest a protein bar, fruit or some nuts to keep you full.


Unless you want your clients to start searching for a new stylist, follow up your snack by popping a mint or chewing some gum. The last thing you want is your client getting a whiff of your bad breath.


Just as important as freshening your breath is freshening your body. Keep a small roll-on perfume in your bag for an afternoon-refresh (maybe even some deodorant). Salons already have a lot of smells going on so don’t overdo it or choose strong, potent scents.

Lint Roller

Don’t let lint, hair or miscellaneous fuzz ruin your impeccable black outfit. Carry a travel-size lint roller in your bag to ensure you remain lint-free throughout the day.

Signature Lipstick

Unless you’re one of those people who never messes up their lipstick, you’re bound to need a refresh at some point during the day. Don’t make the mistake of leaving your lipstick or gloss at home and always carry your signature with you to touch up.

Blotting Papers

With all that standing, coloring, washing and styling, it’s only natural that your t-zone gets a little shiny. Be prepared with blotting papers and maybe even some powder to give your face a refresh.

Pain Reliever

There is no time for aches and pains when you have clients to tend to – keep some pain reliever on hand for when those pesky headaches strike.

Things You Should Know About: Hair Sculptures

In recent years we’ve seen a big push for women to ditch chemical treatments and embrace their natural locks. But one fashion designer and hair artist extraordinaire is embracing her natural mane in ways we never thought possible.

Le 22 avril était la journée internationale de la terre ! Avec 2 jours de retard je poste quand meme cette image en hommage a notre belle planète, notre maison, que nous devons chérir et soigner car elle en a besoin ?! #earth #earthday #africanart #africa #motherearth #blackgirls #land #people Tag me if you repost.

aetitia KY, a 21-year-old fashion designer from the Cote d’Ivoire, creates works of art out of her natural hair, sharing her completed ‘dos with her 26.7K Instagram followers. And by works of art, we mean literal sculptures – no, not the kind made out of rocks or clay.

??? Earrings+ hat+ glasses !!! You dont need too many accessories when your haircut can do the job ??? #hairart #hairstyle #designer #hat #glasses #earrings #afropunk #purple #africa

Far outdoing even the most outrageous of updos, Laetitia incorporates the Earth, various hand positions, face masks and countless other things we never thought you could make out of your locks. According to Buzzfeed, Laetitia drew her initial inspiration from a photo series that celebrated the beauty of African tribe hairstyles. Using only her hands and a few props, her braided hairstyles come to life.

???nature godess? ?? #soulpick #art #nature #green #blackcreativity #tree #soul #spirituality #bgif #blackgirlinflora

Each new design she shares is more elaborate and mesmerizing than the last. But we’ll let the photos speak for themselves.

Trending: Holographic Hair

Unless you live under a rock, we’re sure you have noticed all of the holographic hair and makeup trends circulating the industry. The madness started with holo nails and quickly spread to clothing, accessories and even our heads. Although we’re all for metallic anything, holographic hair in particular has real stopping power.

Similar to the opal-inspired hair that recently hit IG, holographic hair makes the list as one of our favorite hair coloring techniques of the year thus far. Mastermind colorists achieve the desired holographic effect by bringing the hair to a blonde base before introducing a series of pastel lavenders, baby pinks and sultry blues. The results are nothing short of mesmerizing; seriously, we can’t get enough of #holographichair on IG.

Like many of the hair coloring techniques before it, holographic hair is what you make it. For a subtler look, opt for more blended colors and let that platinum base shine through. Feeling bold? Amp up the intensity. Although the trend is no-doubt an impactful one, you still have some control over the outcome.

With results as alluring as these, we’re sure you will be seeing a lot more holographic hair in 2017.