Punk Rock Hair

We’re not one’s to shy away from bold, funky and out-of-the-box haircuts. Especially when they channel ‘80s punk rock vibes. But one person’s nightmarishly bad haircut could be another person’s dream ‘do.

Colorado-based hairstylist Chelsea James recently gave one of her clients an asymmetrical, edgy cut that received a LOT of attention on IG.

James first posted a video of herself trimming baby bangs – we’re talking reaaal short- before spiking up the front of her client’s hair. James followed up the post with a photo of the final look. While we think James is a creative visionary, others weren’t really feeling it. Needless to say, this cut is one of the most polarizing styles to hit IG that we’ve ever seen.

The comments sections on both posts are split between those who absolutely love the look and those who really hate it. For every person who is “literally obsessed with it,” there are several people who feel strongly against it. Some of the more benign comments include “ewww no” and “hell to the no.”

But most of today’s greatest hair trends weren’t so popular when they first started. One user called @adrianaserranol commented, “I remember when ombré was made fun of…now everybody plus their moms have it.” Moral of the story is, don’t be too quick to judge because this could end up being the it style next month.

Regardless of how you feel about the look, this cut took some pretty serious talent to execute. Kudos to you Chelsea – you’re a queen.

Check out some of her other badass cuts.

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~Striking Brows

If you’re over all the quirky, out-of-the-box beauty trends hitting the sphere lately, then you’re out of luck #sorrynotsorry. IG users can’t stop, won’t stop when it comes to crazy eyebrow trends and we’re loving this one that’s ~striking our feeds.


Makeup artist Zakia Wahbi took to IG after shaping not only her brows, but also her eyeliner to resemble lightning bolts. And she has no shame for it, captioning one of her pictures “Thank you everyone for the love (and the hate) on this look.” If you ask us, the look is more wearable than some of the other brows we’ve seen lately (we’re sorry feathered brows, we still love you).

You may not be able to get a bolt on your forehead like Harry, but maybe your lightning brows will give you that hint of magic spirit. Seriously, keep the creativity coming – you know how much we love a bold brow. 

 Check out some of Zakia’s other killer statement brows. We love them so much we couldn’t pick just one.



Birds of Paradise

The beauty world decided to switch things up on us (what’s new?) and drew inspiration from something other than a mermaid or unicorn *gasp*. We’re just as shocked as you are…but in a good way.

Aveda’s Autumn/Winter 2017 collection, Birds of Paradise, is inspired by birds’ pure, natural beauty. Aside from being a fierce collection, the campaign is aimed at raising awareness on simple acts we can all take to help protect their habitat. Now that’s a cause we can get behind.

If you ask us, the color game for this collection is #strong. The collection features saturated plum and vibrant berry tones for the lips, medium jewel tones to contour, white to highlight eyes and rose to flush the cheeks. One word: fabulous.

But we’ll let the collection speak for itself.

Estetica Magazine


Estetica Magazine


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Pravana Vivid Mood Color

Calling all hair color junkies – we’re looking at you, Salon Pros. Stop everything and Press. Play. Now. Trust us when we say, this is one you’ve got to see to believe.

And that’s what we call magic. If choosing the shade you want to stick with for a while seems like too big of a commitment, Pravana Vivids Mood Color hair dye makes it so you don’t have to pick just one.

No, this isn’t a dream. Pravana’s pro-grade hair dye changes hues with a little help from some heat. And we can dig it. Honestly, it’s no surprise with all the unicorn inspired hair and beauty trends circulating the sphere that Pravana spread a little bit of the magic to our locks.

And we aren’t the only one’s that are pumped for the release of these dyes – Pravana literally has a countdown on their site. We know we’ll be anxiously refreshing that countdown until the moment we can get our hands on these dyes. Until then, check us drooling over that mesmerizing color-changing action all over their IG. Pravana is literally bringing the heat and we don’t want them to stop.

Where To Buy Products Online

Books, gifts, dresses, food, toilet paper. Today we buy just about everything online and have it delivered directly to our door. No fuss, no muss, just as long as you have a tracking number! Le sigh, if only ordering your salon product was that easy.


It can be! Enter: MyWellaStore.com. Wella is innovating the industry with their official online store, designed to exclusively serve licensed professional stylists. (Yaaaaaaas).

Here are five reasons why we’re fans:

1. Save on Shipping. New users and long-time fans alike get the perk of free shipping for all orders over $50. Really – it’s that easy to save time and cash.

2. Swag, Please! Oh, didn’t we mention? MyWellaStore.com is offering a free stylist kit with your first order!

3. Shop Online. With different levels of points that can earn you classes, deals and the opportunity to earn free back bar product, it’s the perfect rewards system for salon owners and independent stylists alike. W

4. Sale! Sale! Sale! Sale! We love a good sale, and there’s plenty to love about MyWellaStore.com’s exclusive Featured Offers and Closeout Sale sections. Since the site is for professionals only, you’ll have special access to the digital sales shelves. Your login is all it takes to unlock these deals.

5. Your time = $. You can re-stock on every single product you need literally from your phone. Not to mention, the site’s Quick Order drop-down option gives you immediate access to your favorite brand’s entire catalog.

Hair SKULLptures

Salon Pros are like artists but instead of using a canvas, we turn their clients head into one. And we aren’t just talking about a dye job – this artist delivers the whole shebang.

@angela_skullptures, Melbourne-based hair stylist, turns her client’s hair into vibrant, geometric masterpieces. Even crazier, this mastermind salon pro free-hands the ENTIRE thing. I don’t know what’s more amazing, the results or her technique.

She begins by shaving her client’s head and then etches the geometric designs. Once the pattern is complete, she bleaches the entire head before painting each individual section. The results are everything we could’ve dreamed of and then some. Talk about a festival #upgrade.

If given the chance to cut, color, embellish and style as they please, Salon Pros deliver mesmerizing result like these. It’s looks like these that still have us wishing for that hair museum. Keep em coming, Angela – you have our attention.

The ‘Stylist’ Latte

Arriving to an Instagram feed near you, the newest creative twist on a classic coffee drink is here – move over Unicorn Frappuccino, it’s the Goth latte’s turn.

In light of Starbucks’ recent release of the Unicorn Frappuccino – a vibrant coffee drink with blended crémes and a little color-changing magic – a new, less gaudy drink has surfaced. If black is more your color (and we know it is), we have the drink for you – the Goth latte. Yes, it’s actually a thing and don’t worry, these drinks are equally as Instagrammable.

We’re all black every day; so we’re renaming this little guy the ‘Stylist Latte’ – sure to be a match made in heaven not just for your taste buds, but also your outfit.