Cult Classic coming your way! The Kenra Blow-Dry spray was in our December box and our fans are g o i n g n u t s. Seriously, if you can get over the smell of heaven with every spritz, then WHO doesn’t want to reduce blow-dry time by up to 50%, protect hair up to 428 degrees, tame frizz and resist humidity?

The people have spoken. Run.

Don’t walk to your nearest salon pro distributor and get your hands on this one.


It’s easy to fall into a hair slump when all of your clients are asking for the same styles over and over again. Even if we know treating yourself is the answer to on-the-job stress (well, sometimes), we’re here to give you a creative kick that will prepare you for a year of motivation and inspiration!

The eight looks in Love Hair Broadway’s new collection, “Silhouette,” create a perfect tribute to multi-dimensional shape. While the UK salon creates wearable color with their custom mixes, loud textures channel flair and sophistication that can be rocked on multiple occasions.

Salon co-owners Deborah Murphy and Kate Hemming masterminded the collection after opening Love Broadway in 2013. Earlier in their careers, the two worked together in London and trained as session stylists with Kevin Murphy. The duo says one of the salon’s biggest values is enhancing a client’s face shape, skin tone and style through a personalized look.

We all dream of giving our clients their dream cut, one that fits them perfectly and makes them feel #flawless. With dreamy pastels and soft waves, the looks in “Silhouette” show how stylist can use a variety of dye, cut and style combinations to compliment their clients.

The looks also play off some of the past year’s most loved trends. There are beachy waves, the perfectly messy bun and –– because the collection wouldn’t be complete without it –– a balayage option.

Another key to the Love Broadway brand is a dedication to working with Oway, one of the first organic product lines in the UK. Their eco-friendly and ethically sourced hair treatments, styling products, skin care line and more pair plant extracts with essential oils to benefit every hair and skin type.

These products influenced the collection’s looks in every way, from their scents to colors and ingredients. According to Deborah and Katie, the team “utilised custom blended tones of lavender and rose…to create multi-dimensional colour and beautiful, healthy, achievable hair. Lavender and rose are not only our favourite fragrances, but also key ingredients in the products we use in the salon.”

Forget the drab and welcome the fab. The next time your client comes in undecided with what they want from their next appointment, take some advice from the trend-setting stylists at Love Hair Broadway. Whether you dip into some lavender dye or leave them with a style that’s full of volume, the possibilities are endless this year –– for you and your work!


This One’s Got Us Tickled Pink

Apple might disagree, but we’re not sure another color has had quite the staying power of rose gold. The trend has been around for ages, but really found its spotlight in the beauty world over the last two years.

It’s made its way into our wardrobes, makeup looks and hairstyles. Now, even our beauty tool arsenals have been infected by the color –– is nothing sacred!? But hey, we can’t complain, because this pigment isn’t just trendy, it’s got serious perks.

For one, this shade is totally flattering if you’re going for that perfect, sunkissed glow. Instead of piling on the bronzer, start sporting tools with hints of pink and gold. Having these undertones near our skin or our clients’ gives the appearance of that to-die-for flush, no product required.

The color is also known in the jewelry world for popping on neutral clothing, making rose gold accessories a perfect addition to our all-black ensembles. While the sparkle of standard gold and silver can get lost in their surroundings, this option puts some extra fun and flair into accessorizing.

And of course, it’s no secret to us that color has a huge effect on the way our clients feel. Besides seeing that sparkle in their eyes after a fresh dye job, the experts tell us the feel-good vibes associated with rose gold aren’t just in (or on) our heads.

Take it from Leatrice Eiseman at the Pantone Institute (aka the experts of color), who says rose gold gives people feelings of “compassion, composure [and] warmth, something that draws you in that has great appeal.”

So if we know that just being near this color makes you look good, why wouldn’t we add a little bit everywhere we go? We tested it out on our iPhones and Pinterest recipes, now all that’s left is to doll up our workstations with a few rosy additions.

Some of the dreamy products we’re hoping to add to our collection include these stainless steel duckbill clips, a styling comb set from Revlon and obviously this Swarovski Crystal blow dryer that sells for only $10,000 (in our dreams).

Not sure these eye-catching accessories will match the tools you already have? The shade is actually perfect to pair with a mixed-metal look. So you can tell your chrome blow dryer or golden curling iron to chill out, this color plays well with others.

Obviously rose golds are popping everywhere in the industry (and the world), but we’re still waiting to see an entire hair tool line come out that’s dedicated to the shade. Until then, we’ll take full advantage of the color that makes us look and feel our best.


At this point, we’re so not surprised when our favorite treats appear in our chairs (and no, we don’t mean lunch on-the-go). Our clients have made requests for color inspired by all kinds of goodies. In 2017 it was Unicorn Frappuccinos, PB&Js and even La Croix. The first to come for 2018? Color as creamy and delish as your favorite flavor of Halo Top ice cream.

With the Halo Top brand really putting themselves on the map last year –– even passing cult classics like Ben & Jerry’s and Häagen-Dazs in sales –– we were so excited to see them partner with Scruples Hair Care to create the next big thing for the hair world in 2018.

These looks come from a New Year’s collaboration between the brands, where 10 stylists were invited to work their magic and create looks using inspiration from one of Halo Top’s several delicious flavors, as well as the wide range of Scruples Hair Color.

Scruples is all about giving stylists the widest variety of options with the fewest products. Their High Definition Gel Color System offers 200 permanent and demi-permanent colors from just 10 pure-base mixing shades. With gel, creme and specialty color lines, these stylists had countless options to create their masterpieces with.

The collaboration invited stylists nationwide –– from St. Louis, Las Vegas, California and more –– to make our jaws drop and mouths water. While some went for seamless color melts, like Brit Wright in her recreation of “Cinnamon Roll,” Leysa Carillo used stark, 90’s-esque streaks for her take on “Peanut Butter Cup.”

Even beyond colors, the styles and techniques for recreating Halo Top Hair fall all along the spectrum, from angled bobs to braids, curls and waves. The possibilities are as varied as the ice cream flavor range, and we want a scoop of each.

The flexibility of this trend is exactly what makes it a little extra…tasty. ? With its countless color combos and versatility, there’s an Instagrammable option for everyone: from deep chocolate tones and warm caramels to killer birthday cake and rainbow swirl vibrancy.

Even if your New Year’s resolution is to be a clean-eating machine, we think everyone can find a way to indulge in this trend. With more tame variations (three of the looks are honestly just balayage) and way out-there rainbow styles, anyone can pick a flavor that embodies their style and personality…as long as it’s not vanilla.


In the classic Greek myth of King Midas, when granted one wish he asked that everything he touch turn to gold. The tale goes that this seeminly blessed ability was actually cursed, and when he tried to eat or drink, before he could put the item in his mouth it would turn to gold. King Midas even turned his daughter to gold when went in for an embrace. Long story short, Midas got his wish reversed and everything went back to normal, he learned humility, blah blah blah.

Not tryna sound selfish but what about us girls and guys who still like all-things shiney? Well, there’s hair for that.

We LOVE this rendition of a gold foil over a bright, dyed base just on the crown of the head.



Going with this pastel hair dye trend, add some gold painted string to the look for something new and unexpected.

How about shimmery, gold paint mixed with hair gel to create this sleek style. We’ll call it Fifties Greaser 2.0.

And finally, if the previous styles are a bit too wild for you, try painting the part in a gold tone for a luxurious take on the seemingly boring middle part.


Changing the Game in a BIG Way

Since getting Queen B’s blessing in 2013, we’ve been all about the #IWokeUpLikeThis vibes. Now, the Hair Gods have spoken and we’re carrying natural looks into 2018 with born-with-it textures and beautiful, full volume.

Everyone can take advantage of this trend by embracing the natural volume and texture of their hair. Even those born with thin, fine tresses can fake it ‘til they make it with their Hello Salon Pro products. *wink wink* Still, this trend is especially big news for women of color.

In the beauty and fashion industries, more and more brands are adding diverse models to their lineups and advertisements. As countless celebrities like Tracee Ellis Ross and Viola Davis rock their natural styles, stylists are predicting that this trend is here to stay.

Vernon François, internationally-acclaimed celebrity stylist and founder of the VERNON FRANÇOIS® Collection, told Refinery29 that 2018 will be another year when, “Curly, kinky, coily, and wavy hair will fully embrace their ‘inner-frizz’.”

The products in François’ collection are all about “[championing] the incredible versatility of textured hair.” With deep conditioning treatments, scalp nourishing sprays and more, François provides the tools and education for textured hair at every stage.

If clients are looking to go au-naturel, there are tons of styles they might choose from. But if they’re looking for some suggestions, start with these super trendy styles:

  • The Angled Afro is a new take on a time-old classic. Ladies are looking to celebs like Solange Knowles for more triangular hairspiration. Make hair lighter and emphasize volume by going flatter on top and wider on the sides.
  • A Soft Center Part allows your clients to embrace the freedom of a messier, less-structured look. Really, who needs high maintenance morning routines anymore?
  • Curtain Fringes are hot right now, and not just for the straight-haired ladies! In fact, having extra volume and texture makes this style super versatile. Curly-haired clients don’t have to worry about sparse-looking bangs the way their thin-haired pals do.
  • A Curly Shag can work on all lengths and variations of curls. According to curly hair expert Shai Amiel, this style works especially well for thick Cut layers longer on the sides to take full advantage of this feathery look.
  • And of course, Embellished Braids are perfect for when she wants to add a little extra style. Suggest she uses some barrettes, jewelry or other accessories to play up her already killer style.

As diversity becomes a given in the beauty industry, it’s no wonder that women of color are embracing their natural hair and looking to take advantage of its gorg texture and volume. Take a break from your flat irons Salon Pros, and instead, help your clients find a look that shows off their already #Flawless locks.


The catwalks were filled with hair trends we can’t wait to try in 2018. One that’s no surprise? Accessories. *eye-roll* Obviously this “trend” is nothing new. Whether it was the infamous butterfly clips of the ‘90s or even the fierce, feathered headbands on 1920s flappers, hair stylists have worked their way around accessories for decades.

Still, we’ll need to ready our blow dryers and shears to prep for a 2018 hair decor comeback. This year, it’s about more than the cut, product and style. With scarves, scrunchies, headbands, barrettes and more, we’ll also have to factor in how our clients will want to accessorize – great, another potential complaint.

Got a girl looking to make a commitment and rock a classic bang? Rather than sending her to the depths of bobby pin Hell – we all know those horrible, tiny “poofs” – suggest one of the many headband options on this year’s style radar. Elastic sweatbands offer a sportier vibe, while floral options channel the Coachella look we love to hate. Looking to make a statement? This year, headbands embellished with pearls, beads and jewels are equally as appropriate.

What about the client who’s growing out an old cut and seeking something sleek and well-maintained? Barrettes and clips are always an option for keeping those flyaways in place. Find two stylish barrettes and put them on either side of a middle-part, just above the ears, for a clean and classic look that keeps hair out of the face without settling for the lazy and unreliable ear-tuck technique.

If your client is sick of their standard messy bun but still wants a day off from their long locks, point them to the always-reliable scrunchy. Although a shock that this accessory made it to the runway, the new generation of scrunchies is not nearly as obnoxious as their ‘80s counterpart. Instead of bright neons and tacky fabric, these accessories have more fashionable textures and colors: from blue suede to bronzey silk. Also, we’re done pairing one with a high pony (Sorry Paula Abdul. We loved American Idol!). Now, it’s all about securing textured hair at the base of the neck for a much more polished look.

And of course, because we know you Salon Pros are all about going the #extra mile, there are even options for the clients that want something really out there. For longer styles, wrap the length of a ponytail in a silk scarf or slip on a plastic tube (no, really – this is a thing). And if that’s still not enough, bring on the tiaras!

The possibilities are endless for the upcoming year. Be sure to consider how these fun additions will play into a client’s style, and if all else fails, never forget the OGs: bobby pins and black hair ties.


The latest hair trends we’ve seen circling the sphere are of the rainbow-punk-rock variety, and it’s no secret that we are lovin’ on them all…

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