After hours of aimlessly scrolling IG, we hit the hair inspo jackpot. Seriously, this account is GOLD and we can’t stop, won’t stop scrolling.

The mastermind behind the page is @caseyC_Hair, a salon director, Joico Educator and a Global Synergy winner. Recently, Casey was the stylist for a Spectrum Collections brush campaign. Using Joico, Casey created an unreal cut and color for the shoot that we instantly fell in love with. It’s edgy, it’s pink, the brushes are beautiful – what’s not to love?

But there’s more. Spectrum’s new collection features a Mean Girls inspired brush line that’s everything (not to mention their fire IG).

This account is serious #HairGoals. Check out some of our other fave looks from his page. Salon Pros, he’s definitely someone to watch.





Hey Salon Pros, it’s your inside scoop from The Tease here.

Everyone who’s anyone knows America’s Beauty Show is the top destination for the beauty industry. With over 80,000+ salon professionals, headliners, educators, leading product manufacturers and distributors all under one roof, we wouldn’t dare miss the opportunity to spill the deets. From workshops to live styling competitions and onstage demos from the best in the biz, we feel like a kid in a candy shop during this three-day event. As salon professionals from around the country gather together, there’s passion and talent around every corner and it’s impossible to leave ABS uninspired. We’ll be in the thick of it, scoping out the latest and greatest in beauty products just for you (and maybe a few for ourselves, shhh, we can’t resist).

Stay tuned for a sneak peek at the cutting-edge products you just might find in our next box!

P.S. We’ve got something suuuper exciting in the works. What’s that, you ask? Well, ithave something to do with Hello Salon Pro joining forces with the industry’s fave beauty magazine, Modern Salon!

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What’s metallic, rose gold and rainbow all over? Our latest obsession and revolutionary trend helping beauty-lovers everywhere realize their freckle dreams.

Beauty brand Mr. Kate changed the game with the release of their temporary tattoo line, BeautyMarks® freckles. The tiny metallic freckles are applied like your typical temporary tat – cut out your desired freckle strip, peel off the plastic on one side, and lay it print-down on your face. Then, use a wet paper towel to dampen. Wait a minute, then peel off the paper to reveal your shiny, foiled freckles. And did we mention they are only $14? Chic, effortless AND affordable? Sounds like our kind of look.

If you’re like us and love staring at yourself every time you pass a reflective object, we’ve found the trend for you – metallic freckles will have you staring at your face in the mirror for longer than you’d like to admit.