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It isn’t Halloween without black cats, mummies, and vampires. Beauty bloggers create gorgeous makeup looks based off of these classic trick-or-treating fits every October, giving all of us makeup lovers major inspo. Also, this makeup is so creative that you can just put on head-to-toe black to complete the costume (hello, we were wearing that anyway). Here are some over-the-top looks that we’re obsessing over right now!

This devilish beat is gorgeous as hell.

Hauntingly gorgeous skeleton makeup with glitter and rhinestones? Yes please!

A mermaid look so cool you’ll never krill the vibe.

A vampire babe would obviously wear a matte liquid lippie (hello, kiss proof and bite proof).

The Mummy: Reign of the Makeup Queen.

A black cat full-face for when you want to do a little more than throw on some kitten ears and a cat eye.

We’re living for this sexy undead look.

Unicorn makeup a.k.a. another excuse to wear glitter (as if you needed one).

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