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Picasso MUA

If you’re a makeup lover, you probably consider a full-face a work of art because of the amount of time and skill it takes to apply (all the more reason why you shouldn’t take us full-coverage babes swimming on the first date). But before creating a masterpiece that’s contoured and highlighted to the gods, we all start with what our mammas gave us. For makeup artists and enthusiasts alike, a bare face is like a blank canvas. Remember the #BlankCanvas makeup trend? Well we’ve seen it resurfacing on Instagram, so we just had to pull some past and present inspo!

Here are a just few of many #BlankCanvas looks we’d love to recreate.

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We can’t speak for everyone, but if you’re anything like us, we’re sure that the words ‘color melt’ have you thinking of  a vertical mixing of colors to create a blended masterpiece…


At this point, we’re so not surprised when our favorite treats appear in our chairs (and no, we don’t mean lunch on-the-go). Our clients have