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Hey, Disney fans: We’re about to make(up) your day. Put down your glasses (or, you know, breakable palettes), because ColourPop recently released a Disney line — aptly titled the Disney Designer Collection — and it’s absolutely stunning.

Let’s start with the lippies. Oh, the lippies.

They’re named after the princesses, you guys. [Cue heart-eyed emoji.] Tiana’s a gorgeous wine red, Ariel’s a nude pink, Belle’s a mauve pink, Jasmine’s a bold pink, Snow White’s a fire engine red, and Cinderella’s a baby pink. UGH.

On to the shadows. Just LOOK at this presentation.

The princesses signed the inside of the pressed powder palette! (I mean, they’re not real, but like, who cares? We can pretend.)

Also worth mentioning: The shadows have adorable names.

The shades range from matte beige to metallic rose to sparkly black.

Also sold in the collection are glitzy individual shadows and lip glosses, so you can go full glam.

And last but not least — highlighter. Gotta get those cheeks glowing. (Top center.)

Early Christmas gifts, anyone?!

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