‘Color Misting’

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Like clockwork, another day brings yet another rainbow hair-dyeing technique. This time, IG brought us “color misting” – think tye-die, but for your hair. And the results are definitely more chic than the tie-dye shirt you made at a birthday party when you were 12.

Stephanie Lawrence, New Hampshire-based stylist, is the mastermind colorist behind the look. She was inspired by her friend, Stephanie Hodges, who used an airbrush machine to color. Instead of having the hassle of a machine, Lawrence turned to a spray bottle to achieve the same watercolor-like effect.

Lawrence adds a hefty squeeze of Pulp Riot dye to the bottle before filling it halfway up with water. From there, she randomly sprays the dye onto sections of pre-lightened hair. To keep the color from dripping onto other sections, she uses Framar’s Maniac Mesh.

Once the colors have processed and are washed out, you get results like these. The only downside? Since the colors are diluted, your look won’t last as long. But we see this as an excuse to switch up your style more often – talk about a win-win. 


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