Battle of the Tresses

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It’s a dilemma that every stylist will face at some point in her lifetime: give those tresses the boot or keep ‘em long? When we pit these two classic cuts against one other, who comes out on top? You tell us, Salon Pros.
Long hair is incredibly versatile and can be changed to suit different looks. There is straight, curly, down or braided, among many others. When it comes to this length, the styling possibilities are endless. But with length comes maintenance – the last thing you want is your hair looking drab and dehydrated.


?I’m bringin’ happy baaack. ?Yea-uh!? ( Thank you @lorraineschwartz )

More than just your classic pixie, short hair can mean a variety of lengths including a bob or undercut. Short hair is on trend and is sure to make a statement – it even looks polished with little effort. But long to short is a BIG leap, and those long-locked girls may regret taking the plunge.


Live from the L.A. shoot: lips lacquered in 877 Turn me Dior, #jenniferlawrence is more sensual than ever #lacqueraddict #dioraddict #lips @diormakeup

Nevertheless, hair is a vital staple to your unique beauty identity and we’re sure you Salon Pros secretly have a favorite. So let’s settle this once and for all – long or short?

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