“Everyone else should go home” – Anna Wintour

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We were all on the edge of our seats waiting to see what boundaries people would push with the Camp theme of this year’s Met Gala. Camp doesn’t mean summer camp with log cabins and bonfires like we would envision, in this context it means Camp: Notes on Fashion. This was defined in Susan Sontag’s essay that described camp in terms of the degree of artifice and stylization. Designers pulled out all the strings this year, down to every accessory.

Zendaya first appeared on the red carpet wearing a simple black gown, magically a wand was waved, and her dress turned into one that mimicked Cinderella’s. She even left a clear shoe on the red carpet. Does this mean we should keep an eye out for more “magic” dresses in the future?

Kacey Musgraves channeled her inner barbie by sporting a feather boa, pink cat eye sunglasses and a hair dryer purse. She even arrived in a pink convertible. This made us all want to take our old barbie dolls out and reminisce on the glory days.

Harry Styles made a statement with his sheer shirt, jewelry and heeled shoes. He is proving that men can rock statement accessories too.

Cardi B showed up in a deep red gown with an enormous train, adorned with feathers, that looked so luxurious, it made you want to wrap up and take a nap in it.

We were all wondering how Lady Gaga would push the fashion boundaries this year. Of course, Lady Gaga turned her red carpet appearance into a show with four different outfit changes. Her outfits went from most to least coverage, leaving viewers with not much up to the imagination.

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