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Lately, the amount of absurd haircutting techniques we have seen hit IG is at an all time high. We’re not kidding when we say that IG has opened our eyes to a whole new world beyond holding shears horizontally to clip, snip and trim. Instead, we are seeing you Salon Pros turn simple chops into theatrical performances equally as entertaining as reality TV.

Emre Ayaksiz, Istanbul-based stylist, recently posted a video of one of his hair transformations that’s both captivating and shocking. In the clip, Ayaksiz lops off his client’s’ long locks in a diagonal shape with clippers (!!!) before cleaning up the edges.

Don’t worry, he doesn’t leave it like this. Ayaksiz finishes the ‘do by snipping the ends into a lob before taking the bulk out with a mesmerizing thinning technique. To finish the look off, he colors her hair to blonde perfection.

Despite the crazy route Ayaksiz took, the client is left with a wavy, blonde lob that’s giving us serious #HairEnvy.

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