Hair SKULLptures

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Salon Pros are like artists but instead of using a canvas, we turn their clients head into one. And we aren’t just talking about a dye job – this artist delivers the whole shebang.

@angela_skullptures, Melbourne-based hair stylist, turns her client’s hair into vibrant, geometric masterpieces. Even crazier, this mastermind salon pro free-hands the ENTIRE thing. I don’t know what’s more amazing, the results or her technique.

She begins by shaving her client’s head and then etches the geometric designs. Once the pattern is complete, she bleaches the entire head before painting each individual section. The results are everything we could’ve dreamed of and then some. Talk about a festival #upgrade.

If given the chance to cut, color, embellish and style as they please, Salon Pros deliver mesmerizing result like these. It’s looks like these that still have us wishing for that hair museum. Keep em coming, Angela – you have our attention.

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