Hey Barbers, This One’s For You!

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New! New! New! From Andis Clippers!

A little present for barbers and men’s specialist! Andis Company just launched the CTX Clipper/Trimmer and it’s beyond.

With dual voltage capability for world-wide use, the CTX Clipper/Trimmer is
changing the game for high-speed trimming and clipping. For stylists and barbers seeking a lightweight tool that can handle all over haircuts as well as the precision work, this product will be a perfect fit.

THINK OF THE POSSIBILITIES. Not sure? Take it from us:

“Designed with improved capabilities, our CTX Clipper/Trimmer brings a powerful 8,000+ SPM motor, a unique & innovative shape and a snap-on precision blade to provide maximum control,” said Andis’
Senior Manager of Corporate Communications, Bruce Bock.

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