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We came our with our non-denominational Holiday-ish box this month, so you knew this was coming… HAIR TRENDS FOR HOLIDAY LOOKS! Hide your kids, hide your appointment books it’s already started to GET REAL in the salon.

Now there’s no one ‘look’ for holiday, we get it, but there’s a pretty cute, lovely in your face trend for 2018 and we’re not going to lie, w e a r e l o v i n g i t.

SPARKLE ACCESSORIES. Okay yes, not new, but the quality, class, and placement are what it’s all about this year. Check out some thought leaders who are already posting these romantic looks.

Make it Shine

Holidays are often known for lights and shine and glitter…so are your holiday short-hair looks.


Scrunchies are back, so why not barrettes. 90 girls don’t cringe, this is the classy calm version of your childhood favorites.


Surprised we are not. Bows are the king of the holiday season. Forget your big-as-your-head looks, here is the modern bow.

Barrette + Bows

(Take trend 2 + trend 3 to get trend 4)

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Beautiful purple flexi clip!!!๐ŸŒŸlink in bio๐ŸŒŸ

A post shared by Tina Duvall (@hello_beautiful_hairstyles) on

And here it is… the one you’ve been waiting for, metallic scrunchies…

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