Instagram Worthy Brows

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Will people ever stop messing with their eyebrows? Probably not. But we honestly can’t complain. We’re loving on all the creative attention eyebrows have been getting, but we’re still a little confused by the whole squiggle brow trend.

While this wavy look is anything but natural, it is definitely innovative and sure to turn heads. Even better, it’s only temporary. Vlogger Promise Tamang brought the squiggle brow to IG after seeing a photo of someone who had photoshopped the style onto a picture.

She achieves the look by using a washable PVA Glue (otherwise used for arts and crafts) to flatten her brow hair in one direction. She then uses concealer to hide her hair followed by a pressed powder to fully erase the appearance of her real brows. With a whimsical sweep of black gel liner, you have squiggle brows. Wacky, we know.

But it doesn’t stop there. Shortly after the squiggle brow debut, braided brows started to fill the beauty sphere. Although most of the photos have been photoshopped to give an illusion of brows that have been braided, some beauty junkies are carefully drawing the braid themselves.

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We’re not gonna lie, we’ve seen A LOT of rainbow locks in the past year – so much so that we just almost stop gawking.