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What’s metallic, rose gold and rainbow all over? Our latest obsession and revolutionary trend helping beauty-lovers everywhere realize their freckle dreams.

Beauty brand Mr. Kate changed the game with the release of their temporary tattoo line, BeautyMarks® freckles. The tiny metallic freckles are applied like your typical temporary tat – cut out your desired freckle strip, peel off the plastic on one side, and lay it print-down on your face. Then, use a wet paper towel to dampen. Wait a minute, then peel off the paper to reveal your shiny, foiled freckles. And did we mention they are only $14? Chic, effortless AND affordable? Sounds like our kind of look.

If you’re like us and love staring at yourself every time you pass a reflective object, we’ve found the trend for you – metallic freckles will have you staring at your face in the mirror for longer than you’d like to admit.

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