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When it comes to elaborately painted extensions, we’ve seen a lot of designs, shapes and colors combined to create true works of art. But it’s not everyday that we see these designs dyed directly onto real locks, except for this stylist who is taking a pass on extensions and going straight for the real deal.

Kasey O’Hara Skrobe, a stylist based in Rockville, Maryland, is coming up with new and creative ways to incorporate our favorite rainbow hues on her client’s real hair. Skrobe recently shared a photo on IG of stars painted on her client’s locks using technicolor hues. To create the look, Skrobe made a star-shaped stencil out of paper. Next, she placed the cut-outs on pre-lightened blonde hair before filling them in with a rainbow gradient. Her secret? Pulp riot and paint brushes.

Once the stencils are peeled away, we’re left with some serious starry night vibes.

Although the exact star shape disappears when the locks are tied up, you’re still left with an unreal rainbow highlighter effect.

But that’s not all Skrobe has to offer. If you’re ever in search of rainbow hair inspo, her IG is filled with it. Here are a few of her other looks we’re lovin on:

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