~Striking Brows

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If you’re over all the quirky, out-of-the-box beauty trends hitting the sphere lately, then you’re out of luck #sorrynotsorry. IG users can’t stop, won’t stop when it comes to crazy eyebrow trends and we’re loving this one that’s ~striking our feeds.


Makeup artist Zakia Wahbi took to IG after shaping not only her brows, but also her eyeliner to resemble lightning bolts. And she has no shame for it, captioning one of her pictures “Thank you everyone for the love (and the hate) on this look.” If you ask us, the look is more wearable than some of the other brows we’ve seen lately (we’re sorry feathered brows, we still love you).

You may not be able to get a bolt on your forehead like Harry, but maybe your lightning brows will give you that hint of magic spirit. Seriously, keep the creativity coming – you know how much we love a bold brow. 

 Check out some of Zakia’s other killer statement brows. We love them so much we couldn’t pick just one.



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