That Moment When Ellen Calls You For A Color Correction

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We know that feeling. When your client (cough, Ellen DeGeneres, cough) breaks your heart and tries someone new (we see your before and afters 💔).

But we’ve also all had that call, the one where the panicked client apologizes and explains the code-brass and we go immediately into Avengers-style save the world mode. It usually looks like this:

That’s right, our fav girl @EllenDeGeneres decided to go blonde ‘all at once.’ As you expected, chaos ensued.

Now it’s not quite a 1-10 lift, her sides were pretty dark!

Here’s a video of Ellen sharing her hair bleaching, bleach and tone disaster.

As for a special note to Ellen, we feel you girl. Luckily all hair grows back and taking special care of extra-damaged hair is just part of the process.

PS – we are team ‘charge what you’re worth’ and also team ‘educate your clients so they know what to expect.’

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