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In the classic Greek myth of King Midas, when granted one wish he asked that everything he touch turn to gold. The tale goes that this seeminly blessed ability was actually cursed, and when he tried to eat or drink, before he could put the item in his mouth it would turn to gold. King Midas even turned his daughter to gold when went in for an embrace. Long story short, Midas got his wish reversed and everything went back to normal, he learned humility, blah blah blah.

Not tryna sound selfish but what about us girls and guys who still like all-things shiney? Well, there’s hair for that.

We LOVE this rendition of a gold foil over a bright, dyed base just on the crown of the head.

Going with this pastel hair dye trend, add some gold painted string to the look for something new and unexpected.

How about shimmery, gold paint mixed with hair gel to create this sleek style. We’ll call it Fifties Greaser 2.0.

And finally, if the previous styles are a bit too wild for you, try painting the part in a gold tone for a luxurious take on the seemingly boring middle part.

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