The Most Psychedelic of Them All: Tie-Dye

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Trends often repeat themselves: Victorian-style puffy sleeves, 80’s mom jeans, colorful hair scrunchies, you get the point. But the fashion blast-from-the-past that we have our eyes set on for this Spring is the most psychedelic of them all: tie-dye.

It’s been all over the runways throughout fashion month, and all over our Instagram feeds. Woodstock-style is making a full-fledged comeback, some designers using the pattern to elevate high-end pieces, and others simply bringing back a comfy tie-dye tee.

Prada was clearly inspired by this hippy comeback, showcasing it on a pleated skirt on the catwalk.


Super Influencer Arielle Charnas highlights the ~groovy~ fabric a ton in the upcoming launch of her February collection, in a more subtle, dreamy tone. She is introducing tie-dye as an everyday pattern to incorporate into your wardrobe.

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Something tie dye 💕

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Mood because it’s almost February 💙

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We’re even seeing tie-dye inspired hair styles, and they most definitely do not disappoint. If you can’t decide what color to choose, choose them all!

Part of what makes tie dye such a fun pattern to style with is that no two tie-dye pieces are ever the same. It allows you to incorporate a sense of individuality every time you wear it! We only have one thing to say about the rebirth of this trend: Far out!

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