Things You Should Know About: Hair Sculptures

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In recent years we’ve seen a big push for women to ditch chemical treatments and embrace their natural locks. But one fashion designer and hair artist extraordinaire is embracing her natural mane in ways we never thought possible.

Le 22 avril était la journée internationale de la terre ! Avec 2 jours de retard je poste quand meme cette image en hommage a notre belle planète, notre maison, que nous devons chérir et soigner car elle en a besoin ?! #earth #earthday #africanart #africa #motherearth #blackgirls #land #people Tag me if you repost.

aetitia KY, a 21-year-old fashion designer from the Cote d’Ivoire, creates works of art out of her natural hair, sharing her completed ‘dos with her 26.7K Instagram followers. And by works of art, we mean literal sculptures – no, not the kind made out of rocks or clay.

??? Earrings+ hat+ glasses !!! You dont need too many accessories when your haircut can do the job ??? #hairart #hairstyle #designer #hat #glasses #earrings #afropunk #purple #africa

Far outdoing even the most outrageous of updos, Laetitia incorporates the Earth, various hand positions, face masks and countless other things we never thought you could make out of your locks. According to Buzzfeed, Laetitia drew her initial inspiration from a photo series that celebrated the beauty of African tribe hairstyles. Using only her hands and a few props, her braided hairstyles come to life.

???nature godess? ?? #soulpick #art #nature #green #blackcreativity #tree #soul #spirituality #bgif #blackgirlinflora

Each new design she shares is more elaborate and mesmerizing than the last. But we’ll let the photos speak for themselves.

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