Trending: Holographic Hair

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Unless you live under a rock, we’re sure you have noticed all of the holographic hair and makeup trends circulating the industry. The madness started with holo nails and quickly spread to clothing, accessories and even our heads. Although we’re all for metallic anything, holographic hair in particular has real stopping power.

Similar to the opal-inspired hair that recently hit IG, holographic hair makes the list as one of our favorite hair coloring techniques of the year thus far. Mastermind colorists achieve the desired holographic effect by bringing the hair to a blonde base before introducing a series of pastel lavenders, baby pinks and sultry blues. The results are nothing short of mesmerizing; seriously, we can’t get enough of #holographichair on IG.

Like many of the hair coloring techniques before it, holographic hair is what you make it. For a subtler look, opt for more blended colors and let that platinum base shine through. Feeling bold? Amp up the intensity. Although the trend is no-doubt an impactful one, you still have some control over the outcome.

With results as alluring as these, we’re sure you will be seeing a lot more holographic hair in 2017.

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