What’s New: Contourage

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If you thought contouring was just for your makeup, it’s time to learn about a coloring technique that has the makings of a ‘balayage big’ trend. Contourage, is a low-key, yet attention grabbing, hair highlighting technique that 2017 is loving.
It combines elements of balayage and contouring, using the contrast of colors to accentuate and paint certain facial features. The purpose of contourage is to paint and highlight the pieces of hair that frame the face to accentuate the best facial features, same as with the makeup trend, while maintaining that natural look your client is always asking for.
You’ll be making the hair lighter shades around your clients face that will bring out the facial features that reflect light (we’re talking cheekbones, temples and jawline) while letting those darker tones lie behind. This is going to make hair appear fuller and more v-v-voluminous by adding depth through the contrasting shades while making your face pop.
Contourage is what your clients want, but don’t know it yet. It’ll give them that trendy new do’ without the dramatic change some might shy away from, oh and did we mention it’s the perfect summer look? So let’s getting contouraging, ladies!

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