You Can’t Spell Awesome Without Me

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If you’ve been following along, you know by now that we’re BIG fans of color. If you need proof, look no further than our booth from this year’s America’s Beauty Show. Streamers and confetti. Confetti everywhere. It was so everywhere, we actually think ABS may end up banning confetti from future booths.

So, of course, when we saw Taylor Swift’s music video for “Me,” we were obsessed. Actually, we thought maybe our booth had inspired the creative direction of the video. When you watch it, there’s really only one word that comes to mind: colorful. Have you ever seen a video with more colors? Or more costume changes? We won’t count the total number of colors, but different wardrobes? We count seven, and each of those comes with their own unique hairstyle. Let’s dive in, shall we?

Screenshot from YouTube Video – full video below

Taylor’s first look in the video is a classic, bouncy starlet curl that we’ve seen her rock quite a few times before. The black and white outfit is in direct contrast to the colorful outfits we see throughout rest of the video, but the flowers on the dress tease the hues we’re about to see.

Screenshot from YouTube Video – full video below

In the second cut, we see T Swift move from the enchanting halls of her home to the streets in a pastel yellow pant suit, with her hair slicked down and into a tight bun a la ballet dancers. We aren’t seeing any color in her hair just yet, but the outfits are clearly starting to pop.

Screenshot from YouTube Video – full video below

Frills galore in the third scene! The singer is perched upon an outcropping seemingly outfitted in luffas, with a flapper-inspired part and long, side swept curls. Big shout out to Brendon Urie’s polka dotted suit in this scene, too.

Screenshot from YouTube Video – full video below

Austin Powers vibes, anyone? Keeping things pink, T Swift hits us with the shag bangs and a classic 60s-era get up, complete with the heart-shaped ear rings. The set for the scene looks straight out of a classic game show. Too groovy, baby.

Screenshot from YouTube Video – full video below

From 60s Vanna White to mega-glam band conductor, Taylor serves up a blonde and pink bob to contrast with the Tiffany blue conductor outfit. This gives us Gwen Stefani Hollaback Girl video vibes, but Taylor pulls off the look much better.

Screenshot from YouTube Video – full video below

The second to last scene gives us a pretty trippy tunnel with T Swift and Brendon dancing on a platform. The outfits are early-Beatles-esque teal suits finished with some metallic boots, which really isn’t a bad look. Taylor tops it off with a banged-out pony.

Screenshot from YouTube Video – full video below

Finally, “Me” wraps up with Taylor in a blue dresss that’s melting into some color changing liquid that fills the street. We’re not sure who designed it, but they’re on the forefront of some kind of tech. The ‘do is a classic, wavy lob with bangs and blue tips to match the dress.

Thanks for coming on this journey with us. We’re both exhausted and intrigued by the amount of looks achieved in “Me.” Hats off to Taylor for creating seven unique looks with hairstyles to match. In some ways, it feels like one of those videos that walks you through 100 years of hairstyles. With a new album just released, we’ll be interested to see if T Swift can one up herself with another video.

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